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For two nights in a row I have had the pleasure of watching two of the finest guitarists I have ever seen. On Tuesday at Ringwood Folk Club, Ashley How of ‘Ragmamarag’ thrilled the audience with his virtuosity and Wednesday, at Lymington Folk & Blues, Steve Hicks did the same! And he makes his own guitars!!

MC Tony Parry got the evening underway with Keb Mo’s “Anyway” and with Mary Parry performed “How’s The World Treating You” written by Chet Atkins & Boudleaux Bryant, and the standard “Careless Love”. Up next was Jonathan Klein. He sang the Irish traditional “Carrickfergus”, and two of his own songs; “Everything I Build Just Falls Apart” and “Lady In A Deck Chair”.
Then it was time for our special guests, ‘Hicks & Goulbourn‘. East Midlands based Steve Hicks and Lyn Goulbourn wowed the audience with their first set which started with an instrumental by Steve called “Spring Fever”. This was followed by the traditional “Carron Loch Tay”, “Cuckold Hen/The Blacksmith”, Bruce Cockburn’s “One Day I Walk”, “Light Flight” by Pentangle, Davy Graham’s “Forty Ton Parachute”, “Angel” by Sarah MacLachlan, Lyn’s “This Is The Friend”, and “Shortnin’ Bread” by James Whitcomb Riley/”Maple Leaf Rag” by Scott Joplin.
After the break and raffle, Steve West borrowed one of Steve’s guitar’s to sing his own “Enough” and Tony Parry sang “The Big Ones Get Away” by Buffy St Marie. Steve & Lyn returned to the stage for their second set starting with Lyn’s “Stranger On A Bus”, then the traditional “Frankie & Albert”, another song written by Lyn, “Gone Are The Cobles”, “Russian Lullaby” by Irving Berlin, Buffy St Marie’s “Little Wheel Spin and Spin”, a version of the children’s song “Sing A Rainbow” with everyone joining in using makaton(!), and Moon River, a classic song composed by Henry Mancini with lyrics by Johnny Mercer, with the most gorgeous guitar instrumental, and everyone joining in the last verse.
Wow indeed. Next time here at the Thomas Tripp 4th April is an “Open Floor”. If you’d like to see more of Hicks & Goulbourn or you were unlucky enough to miss them tonight, they are headlining at the Wessex Acoustic Folk Club on Friday 23rd March which is held at the Royal British Legion, Blandford Forum, DT11 7AB, 8:15 start.

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