MC Tony Parry introduced our very own Jonathan Klein to the audience, the first floor spot of the evening. He sang his own “Even When The Moon is New” and then one of the most recorded ‘cowboy’ songs of all time composed by Cole Porter and based on a poem by Bob Fletcher, “Don’t Fence Me In”. Next up was George Benn. George sang a new song based on his growing up in a Devon village, “Chittlehampton Girls” and “Today I Wrote A Song For You”.
Graham Wedge performed Rowland Salley’s “Killing The Blues”, John Prine’s “Angel From Montgomery” and “Guilty” by Randy Newman. The final floor spot of the first half were ‘Banjo Free‘. Tony & Mary Parry and Steve King performed the blues standard “Nobody Knows You When You’re Down and Out” written by Jimmy Cox in 1923, “You’ll Never Be The Sun” by Dolores Keane and another blues standard made famous by Bessie Smith in the 1920’s “Send Me To The Electric Chair.
Then it was time for our very special guest, the wonderful Ian Brown. Ably assisted by Steve Smith on accordion and local guitar legend Simon Johnson, he sang “Little Did We Know”, “She Can’t Recycle Michael and his Folding Bicycle” (co-written with Simon), “I Am Bound Where I Am Travelling”, “Every Day’s A School Day”, “The Weapon”, “Next To Nothing” and the much recorded, and loved, “No Hopers, Jokers and Rogues”.
After the break and raffle, ‘The Hobos‘ crashed onto the stage performed “Carolina Star” by Tony Rice, the traditional “Jesse James”, the sea shanty “New York Girls” and even an encore with “Smuggler’s Road” written by Rod Sones and Steve Adams. Ian, Simon and Steve returned to the stage and performed “The Long Hot Summer of ’76”, “It’s Rough, Rough, Rough, Being A Dog”, “I’m Sorry I Slept With Your Sister”, the worldwide No. 1 hit “I Wish I Was A Punk Rocker With Flowers In My Hair”, “There’s Light At The End Of The Tunnel” (co-written with Steve), “Take A Bow”, “Me Too”, and a well deserved encore, a song co-written by none other than Steve Knightley, “Thanks For Turning Up”. A songwriting masterclass!
Next time, 5th December, it’s our Christmas ‘Open Floor’.