It was one of those nights……..

….you know what I mean; some nights at the LFB are OK, some are good, and then….just now and then….you get one like this.It all started with Jonathan Klein and his very individual take on Sam Cooke’s “Wonderful World”, followed by his own “River Runs Dry”.

George Benn took us all prospecting to Californi-yay (my spelling)  and then gave us his “Song for You”. Fresh from New York David Massengill invited us to join the Warthog Club by performing it’s hilarious “Internationale”. I would try to explain how this club was formed, but, frankly, you had to be there! This was followed by a lovely tribute to Lisi Russell, and finally a fabulous Blaze Foley song called, “Clay Pigeon”.

Rachel Cheyne doesn’t seem to perform often enough, so it was great to see her tonight, Chasing “Mr Time” and with “Feelings”. And so it came to our guest, Nigel Waite. He started with his own, “Shooting the Breeze”, but followed with a few covers, courtesy of Mary Chapin Carpenter, Bryn Phillips and Richard Shindell , as well as a couple more of his own.

After the break and the super-extravagant raffle the acclaimed Bimbling took to the stage. Hannah and Sean are always original and fresh, but it was a shame that there wasn’t time for their new song about Brexit.

I think I’d only seen Martin George once before. I’d forgotten how good he is. Wonderful interpretations of “Fire and Rain” and “Hard Headed Woman” (no mean feat). I have seen Brian Price a couple of times before. I had him marked down as a Beatles exponent (bloody good one, mind) but, tonight he played a couple from his own pen. “Monday Evening” was lovely and “Puberty Blues” was hilarious.

And so to Nigel’s second set. Rarely has an audience risen in such good voice to the invitation to join in. From Stan Rogers, thru Tim O’Brien to Pete Sinclair we raised the roof. Nigel finished what had been a wonderful evening with his own, “Once in a While”.

I guess once in a while you get a night like that.

Next time – March 6th – it will be an ‘open floor’  with David Massengill playing a guest spot….or two….so, hopefully, another one of those nights.


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