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We are very fortunate in our local area to have a number of great songwriters who all exhibit a unique way of writing and delivering their songs. Tonight, we had four of them to entertain us in their own special way: Jonathan Klein, George Benn, John Meriton and Ian Brown. At this point, I would like to mention a fifth member of that illustrious group, Paul Openshaw. An old friend of Lymington Folk Club who has had a period of ill health and I’m sure you’d join me in wishing Paul love and best wishes on his road to recovery.

The first MC at our new venue was the venerable Henry Campion. He sang Dylan’s “If Not For You” before inviting Jonathan Klein on to the “stage”. Jonathan sang his own, brilliant, “Everything I Build Just Falls Apart”, Don McLean’s “Vincent” and another of his own compositions, “Running For Love”.

Nick West was without his piano this evening but on his harmonica and using modern technology (mobile phone/Bluetooth speaker!) he played “Theme from Midnight Cowboy” and “The Rose”. Next up was George Benn. He sang; “Said and Done”, “Chittlehampton Girls”, and “The Stolen Gnome”.

Then it was time for the first set of our special guest, Ian W Brown. Ian sang “Little Did We Know”, “High Heels In The Wardrobe”, “Next To Nothing”, which featured in the film “Wild Rose”, “Recycle Michael”, “Ile de Re”, “Happy Families”, “It’s a Ruff, Ruff , Ruff Life Being A Dog”, “No Hopers, Jokers and Rogues”, and “Can I Spend The Night With You Albert?”

After the break and raffle, John Meriton took to the stage and sang “Hope Road”, “Rover The Crooked”, “The Graves of Martin” and “Little Dylan”. Then Ian returned for his second set and sang; “Blanket For Your Soul”, “A Bunch of Wild Flowers”, “Every Day’s A School Day”, “I Wish I Was A Punk Rocker With Flowers In My Hair”, “There’s A Light At The End of the Tunnel”, “Blessed”, “The Other One”, and an encore, “Somewhere Down The Road”.

A fantastic evening at our new home. Next time, 4th December, is an Open Floor.

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