Our appreciative audience not only witnessed a splendid evening of mainly Irish music but also our first experience of being recorded live by New Forest Hospital Radio.

MC Steve West introduced the evening’s first guest, Larry Callan, originally from Dublin. Larry’s set included Irish favourites such as; “Beggarman”, “Nancy Spain”, “Spanish Lady”, “Carrickfergus” and “From Clare To Here”.
Next onto the stage were the Bob Smith Orchestra, known locally as the BSO! Their set included tunes and songs. The four main tune styles were well represented with polkas such as “Lakes of Sligo” and “Murphy’s Delight”, jigs like “”Old Joe’s” and “High Road to Sligo” reels such as “St Anne’s” and “The Banshee” and for good measure a couple of hornpipes; “Gypsys” and “Fairies”. And songs such as “Galway Shawl”, “Star of the County Down”, and “Black Velvet Band”.
After the break and raffle, Carol Richards read a poem “Oh, To Be A Leprechaun” and Steve sang “She Moved Through The Fair”. Then it was time for our second genuine Irishman of the evening, Jason Hinchey from Limerick. His set included songs that wouldn’t have looked out of place in his friend and mentor Christy Moore’s songbook. “Missing You”, “City of Chicago”, “The Weekend We Spent In Amsterdam”, “Fields of Athenry”, and “The Leaving of Liverpool” were all performed with much passion and gusto.
And finally, our last guests of the evening, Celtic Knot. Their set consisted a number of polkas and jigs, and popular songs like; “Tell Me Ma”, “Galway Girl”, “Whisky In The Jar”, “Ride On” and a well deserved encore, “The Irish Rover”.
Next time, 5th April, Greg Harper is our guest, with support from Tin Angel and The Elderberries and a few floor spots. See you then.

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