Our number one “John”,  Jonathan Klein was MC for the evening and commenced proceedings with “Here Comes The Sun” and one of his own songs, “In The Beginning”. Number two “John” was another club stalwart,  Jon Ellis. You never know quite what to expect when Jon plays. On banjo he sang a song in French recorded by the McGarrigle Sisters, “Petite Annonce Amoureuse”, “Over The Hills And Far Away” on whistle and banjo and on whistle “Red Haired Boy/Fox Hunt.

Next to the stage was our third “John”,  John Meriton. John is a fine guitar player as well as a singer/songwriter and began his set with a couple of traditional tunes. He then sang his own composition, “Crown of Dreams” and played “The Jesting Jig”, which he also wrote. Then it was time for our special guest,  Ian W Brown. All the songs he was to sing for us tonight were written or co-written by Ian.  Ian too is also a fine guitar player. He started his set with “Somewhere Down The Road”, and continued with “No Hopers, Jokers and Rogues”, “Me 2”, “Dreamboats and Petticoats”, “Il de Re”, “Redundant”, “The Jeremy Kyle Song”, and “Every Day’s A School Day”.
After the break and raffle, Jonathan welcomed  Hannah Snellgrove to the stage. She performed two of her own songs; “The Only Way Is Wessex” and “Jack Mapes: Down On The Quay”, a song about her great grandfather. Next up were ‘Nomad’.  Alan & Heather Slipper played “Nitrate Trade” and “Hills of Connemara”, a song written by Sean McCarthy. Following ‘Nomad’ was  Mike Cole. On his accordion he played “Scotland The Brave/Marie’s Wedding” and sang “The Cannonball”, a song which was collected by Leslie Riddle and together with AP Carter recorded it in the 1930’s. Next up was  Bob Long. He sang Leroy Carr’s “In The Evening When The Sun Goes Down” and “They’re Red Hot” by Robert Johnson.
And finally, the second set from  Ian W Brown. Ian started the set with the opening track of his CD, “The Five Foot Two Inch Giant”, and then “You Can’t Recycle Michael and His Folding Bicycle”, “Happy Humble Tune You Hum”, “Pearls In Oyster Shells”, “Aunt Marjorie”, “Day With No Rain”, “I Wish I Was A Punk Rocker With Flowers In My Hair”, and “Thanks For Turning Up”.
A brilliant evening! Thank you Ian and all the support acts. Next time, 2nd August, we have an ‘Open Floor’ night and on 6th September our special guest is  Nigel Waite.
And don’t forget, this Saturday is the  Lymington Arts Festival. Lots of live music all over the town including Angel Courtyard, United Reform Church, Bandstand and the Thomas Tripp.

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