I was reminded that this evening was the 8th anniversary of “Lymington Folk Club” at the Thomas Tripp! Given what’s happening to pubs and clubs all over the country, this is good news!

However, like many other venues of our size, audience numbers are falling and it would be a shame to lose another ‘live’ music space. Notwithstanding, last night we had a good audience who enjoyed some of the best in acoustic music to be had locally, or indeed anywhere.

Bill Hesp, regular MC at Milford Folk Club, was our guest MC this evening. He sang an American folk song “Cindy”, “Waist Deep In The Big Muddy” by Pete Seeger and John Prine’s “Paradise”. Then, Bill invited Jonathan Klein to the stage. Jonathan sang two of his own songs; “Hypothetically”, “Even When The Moon Is New” and “Sultans of Swing” by Mark Knopfler & Dire Straits.
Next was Jon Ellis. Jon played three bagpipe battlefield tunes on his whistle in memory of the Battle of the Somme (next month is the 100th anniversary), he sang an unaccompanied song “Jack The Can”, and played “Ashoken Farewell” by Jay Ungar. Following Jon was Henry Campion. Henry performed Al Stewart’s “In Brooklyn”, Sandy Denny’s “Nothing More” and “The Hour The Ship Comes In” by Bob Dylan. The final act of the first half was Mike Richards. He sang “Dublin Blues” by Guy Clark, Cyril Tawney’s “On A Monday Morning” and a blues standard, “Hesitation Blues”.
After the break and raffle, Bill sang the traditional “House of the Rising Sun” before introducing Brian & Chris to the audience. They sang (beautifully) “If I Needed Someone” by George Harrison off the “Rubber Soul” album, Paul Simon’s “Homeward Bound” and then Chris left Brian to sing his own “Guilty” from his 2016 album “Like A River”, which comes highly recommended (by me!).
George Benn has, thankfully, become a regular with us. He is a fine singer/songwriter and sang three of his songs this evening; “Business As Usual”, “So Many Miles” and the infectious “The Village Dance”. Next up were Steve & Ariane. Guitar, mandolin and flute formed the background to their set which commenced with Steve’s “Dance In The Moon” and continued with “Only You” by Vince Clarke, a big hit for Yazoo and the Flying Pickets (more of them in a minute!), and Steve Earle’s “Galway Girl”.
The next performer is a current member of The Flying Pickets!! Who would have guessed it! Martin George, has had a varied career as actor, singer, musician and West End star! He sang “Willin'” by Lowell George, “Pancho and Lefty” by Townes Van Zandt”, one of his own songs, “Nothing In Between” and Robbie Robertson’s “The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down”.
And finally, the last act of the evening, The Hobos. Steve, Jim, Dave, Al & Heather performed “Carolina Star” written by bluegrass legend Tony Rice, the Irish traditional “Step It Out Mary”, the American traditional “Tear My Still House Down” and the standard “Corrina, Corinna”.
Next month is a Lymington Arts Festival special featuring Jimmie Lee Morris and Nick Hayward Young and room for a couple of floor singers. Please come to listen to two great artists and support local, ‘live’ acoustic music, donations of raffle prizes always welcome! Until next time…..


Our May meeting saw MC Henry Campion commence proceedings with Bob Dylan’s “Baby Blue”. Henry then invited to the stage The Elderberries. Steve (Raz), Carole (Holly), Geoff (Huck) & Derek (Blue) played “Moonshadow” by Cat Stevens, “Walk Right Back” by Sonny Curtis, “Raining In My Heart” written by Felice Bryant and Boudleaux Bryant and Steve Goodman’s “City of New Orleans”.

Next, Bob Challen performed “Gold Coast Highway” by Nanci Griffiths and Kate Wolf’s “Close To You”. Henry then introduced our special guest for the evening, the charming Winchester based singer/songwriter Jim Chorley. His first song was having its first ‘live’ performance, “In Between The Trees”. This was followed by; “Trying To Find Love”, “The Stars And The Moon”, another new song, “Turns Into Wine”, “Let It In”, “Mick Jones Blues”, “Blueberry Moon”, “My Old Friend” and “From My English Heart And Soul”.
After the break and raffle, George Benn sang his “Sparrow” and “Good Old Days”, and Jonathan Klein performed his “If”, and Dylan’s “Simple Twist of Fate”. Jim Chorley returned to the stage for his second set which included; “Here To Stay”, “Gabby And The Crow”, “After The Rain”, “Always In My Prayers”, “Painting Circles In The Corn”, “Stake No Claim” and a rousing shanty, “Pull It Up Boys”.
Another great evening at the Thomas Tripp. Next month, 6th June, is an ‘Open Floor’, so come along and have a go. All welcome.


MC Steve West introduced our support act for the evening, Alex Potter. Alex is a talented guitar player and makes guitars and other instruments for a living at his workshop in Pitmore Lane, near Sway. Alex played three tunes on his tenor guitar, which he built when still a student; “The Shearing’s Not for You/Kit’s Tune/Ookpik Waltz”. He sang Randy Newman’s “Texas Girl at the Funeral of Her Father” and played “Cold, Frosty Morning”.

Then it was time for our special guest, Robert Lane. Midlands based Robert has just released his new CD “Only A Flight Away” and is on a tour which takes him all over England. He performed ; “Very Own Way”, “Break My Heart Blues”, “Wilful Independent”, “To Love Somebody” by the Bee Gees (with much audience participation), “Who Do You Think You’re Talking For?”, ”Lost But I Can’t Care”, the standard “Goodnight Irene”, “Bill Frost’s Flying Machine”, “Make It Easy”, “Suspicious Minds” written by Mark James and made famous by, of course, Elvis, and finally this half, a personal favourite, “My Love’s In Deep”.

After the break and raffle, Alex played Elizabeth Cotten’s “Vestapol Blues” and a song based on a poem by Charles Causley, “Ballad for Catherine Aragon”. Robert returned to the stage for his second set. He sang “I Guess I’m Just One of Those Guys”, “It Feels Like 5000 Miles”, “Teardrop Tattoo”, Paul McCartney’s “For No-one”, “Baby Knows”, “Hoping for Anything”, “Pessimistic Me”’ “You Want It Both Ways”, and finally Pete Townsend’s “Squeeze Box”.

A lovely evening showcasing the talents of a local player/instrument maker and an up and coming singer/songwriter. Next time, Wednesday 2nd May, Jim Chorley, originally from Southampton, he now lives in the wilds of Winchester.  His songs evoke the style of James Taylor and Ralph McTell. Worth checking out his website.

WOW! 21ST MARCH 2108

For two nights in a row I have had the pleasure of watching two of the finest guitarists I have ever seen. On Tuesday at Ringwood Folk Club, Ashley How of ‘Ragmamarag’ thrilled the audience with his virtuosity and Wednesday, at Lymington Folk & Blues, Steve Hicks did the same! And he makes his own guitars!!

MC Tony Parry got the evening underway with Keb Mo’s “Anyway” and with Mary Parry performed “How’s The World Treating You” written by Chet Atkins & Boudleaux Bryant, and the standard “Careless Love”. Up next was Jonathan Klein. He sang the Irish traditional “Carrickfergus”, and two of his own songs; “Everything I Build Just Falls Apart” and “Lady In A Deck Chair”.
Then it was time for our special guests, ‘Hicks & Goulbourn‘. East Midlands based Steve Hicks and Lyn Goulbourn wowed the audience with their first set which started with an instrumental by Steve called “Spring Fever”. This was followed by the traditional “Carron Loch Tay”, “Cuckold Hen/The Blacksmith”, Bruce Cockburn’s “One Day I Walk”, “Light Flight” by Pentangle, Davy Graham’s “Forty Ton Parachute”, “Angel” by Sarah MacLachlan, Lyn’s “This Is The Friend”, and “Shortnin’ Bread” by James Whitcomb Riley/”Maple Leaf Rag” by Scott Joplin.
After the break and raffle, Steve West borrowed one of Steve’s guitar’s to sing his own “Enough” and Tony Parry sang “The Big Ones Get Away” by Buffy St Marie. Steve & Lyn returned to the stage for their second set starting with Lyn’s “Stranger On A Bus”, then the traditional “Frankie & Albert”, another song written by Lyn, “Gone Are The Cobles”, “Russian Lullaby” by Irving Berlin, Buffy St Marie’s “Little Wheel Spin and Spin”, a version of the children’s song “Sing A Rainbow” with everyone joining in using makaton(!), and Moon River, a classic song composed by Henry Mancini with lyrics by Johnny Mercer, with the most gorgeous guitar instrumental, and everyone joining in the last verse.
Wow indeed. Next time here at the Thomas Tripp 4th April is an “Open Floor”. If you’d like to see more of Hicks & Goulbourn or you were unlucky enough to miss them tonight, they are headlining at the Wessex Acoustic Folk Club on Friday 23rd March which is held at the Royal British Legion, Blandford Forum, DT11 7AB, 8:15 start.


First on the the stage this evening, other than Steve West, MC, was Henry Campion. He sang the traditional “Black Leg Miner”, followed by “Follow It On” by Megson and Bob Dylan’s “Don’t Think Twice It’s Alright”. Next were Al & Heather Slipper. Heather sang the Irish traditional “Teddy O’Neill”, and then they performed Sean McCarthy’s “Hills of Connemara” and  “Rolling Home” by John Tams.

The Elderberries were next on stage. Together they sang; “City of New Orleans” by Steve Goodman, “I Wish I Had Someone To Love Me” by Bill Massey and “Don’t Remind Me” by Steve West. Then it was time for our guest to take to the stage. John Meriton and his very accomplished band; Jon Hardcastle: Guitar, Ian MacLaughlan: Bass, Sophie Butler: Flute/Vocals, Alan Blackmore: Cajon,  performed a variety of John’s songs including; “Looking For Love”, “The Winter Song”, “Walking In Berlin”, “The Graves of Martin”, “Virginia Creeper”, written and sung by Sophie, and to finish the set, Paul Brady’s “Oh What A World”.
After the break and raffle, George Benn sang three of his own, recent compositions; “Said And Done”, “Today I Wrote A Song” and “Fine Wine and Good Music” apparently inspired by our raffle! The our very own Jonathan Klein sang two George Harrison songs; “Something” and “Here Comes The Sun” and one of his new songs, “Hypothetically”. And to finish the evening, John and his band returned to the stage to perform; “Rachman”, “Stoughton Down”, “Little Dylan”, “Mr Market”, “This Is A Place”, “Hope Road” and “Teach Your Children” by Graham Nash.
A fine end to a lovely evening. Two more events in March!!! On Saturday 17th March, LFAB will be hosting an Irish Night at the Thomas Tripp, guests TBA. And on Wednesday 21st we have very special guests, Hicks & Goulbourn.


MC for our LADIES NIGHT SPECIAL was Rachel Cheyne. She sang her “Solent Mermaid” before inviting Laura Sunderland to the stage. Together they performed Laura’s “The Little Trains of Wales”, Laura on accordion, Rachel guitar, and the audience sang. On her own, Laura performed “Morningtown Ride” by Malvina Reynolds, once again helped by the audience, and two Welsh tunes; “”Sweet Jenny Jones” and “The Golden Wheat”.

Next up was Hannah Snellgrove. She sang Bruce Springsteen’s “Dancing In The Dark” and two of her own songs; “Jack Mapes” and “Sunny In Penzance”. Following Hannah were ‘Straight Bananas‘, a vocal sextet from Milford on Sea led by Caroline Ellis. They sang a weather influenced set of three songs; “Let The Rain Come” by Graham Pratt, Enya’s “Amid The Falling Snow”, and Irving Berlin’s “Blue Skies”. To finish the first half, the wonderful Steff Mizrany. She performed four of her own compositions; “Little Bird”, “Like Me”, “Big Harry’s Dream” and “24/7 Blues”.
After the break and raffle, Hannah returned to the stage for two numbers; “Jolene” by Dolly Parton and her own, brilliant “The Only Way Is Wessex”. Next was Carole West. She sang “The Coldest Winds Do Blow” by Chris While & Julie Matthews, Buckingham/McVie’s “Red Sun” and David Massengill’s “Rider On An Orphan Train” with the great man himself sitting right in front of her! Straight Bananas then sang two further numbers, the introduction of the William Tell Overture in ‘diddly dums'(!) and “I Found You”.
Steff also returned for a couple of her songs; “Love Is Like” and “Wheels of Compromise”. Then it was time for our final act of the evening, ‘The Strumpets‘. With ukeleles and voices (Barbara was on bass guitar!) they sang “Gypsy Rover”, Home Boys Home”, “Johnny I Hardly Knew Ye“, sung to the same tune as “When Johnny Comes Marching Home“, published in London in 1867 and written by Joseph B. Geoghegan, and “Older Ladies” by Donnalou Stevens.
Lovely evening, once again, great variety. Next time, Wednesday 7th March, singer/songwriter John Meriton.


MC Steve West opened up the evening with two of his own songs; a love song (of course) “Enough” and “Christchurch Smuggler”. Henry Campion followed on with Love Minus Zero by ‘His Bobness’, Don McLean’s “Crossroads” from his No. 1 album “American Pie” and “Everyday” by Buddy Holly.

Next up were our guest support from Sussex. ‘Milton Hide‘ are husband & wife duo Jim & Josie Tipler. Jim’s the main songwriter and plays guitar (very well!) and Josie shares the vocals, plays clarinet and cajon. They performed “You’re Better Off Dead”, “Perfect Place To Hang”, “Little Bit Alike” and “Home Is Where The Heart Is”. Then it was time for our very special guest David Massengill. He sang “My Sweet Valentine”, “On The Road To Fairfax County”, with Lisi Tribble sang a song based on a poem Lisi wrote, “Blind Man, Black Swan”, “Mrs Dingley’s Green Apple Pie”, and “Lord Bateman” (Child ballad 53L; Roud 40… for those who like to know!).
After the break and raffle, Steve sang Tom Paxton’s “My Lady’s A Wild Flying Dove”, then invited Jim Brown to the stage. Jim sang Donovan’s “Catch The Wind”, the traditional “The Water Is Wide” (Child 204; Roud 87!!) and Gillian Welch’s “Annabelle”.
Milton Hide returned to the stage for their second set; “Five Seeds”, “Forgetting To Live”, “Making Progress” and “Milton Hide”. And to finish the evening… Mr David Massengill. David regaled us with a few of bad reviews in America which were very funny (!) and it should be mentioned at this point that he is not only a fine singer, songwriter and player, but a storyteller also, interspersed between his songs. He sang “Lord Maisry” with a happy last verse added by his very self (Child 65… enough already!!!), “The Baby Moses Dreams”, another song with Lisi, “When I Am In Trouble (The Bubble Song)”, “Rider On An Orphan Train” and a well deserved encore, “My Name Joe”.
Fantastic Evening. Next week, yes!, next Wednesday: We have a “Ladies Night Special“! Just one other gig to bring to your attention. On Saturday 24th February there will be a very special charity concert at the New Milton memorial Centre featuring six local acts. “The Ocean Brothers” are two brothers rowing the Atlantic to raise funds, in memory of their father, for the British Skin Foundation. Details can be found on the Memorial Centre’s Website. www.memcentre.co.uk


You never know what to expect on any given night. Some nights you might be grateful for one man and his dog! However, last night…. the room was packed!

MC Tony Parry did a great job fitting all the performers in and I can honestly say the performances tonight were right up there with the best we’ve seen.
First up was George Benn with three of his own songs; “Interesting Times”, “Life Goes On” and “The Village Dance”, which had a great chorus with everyone joining in. Following George was Bob McAthey with a selection of classical guitar pieces, much appreciated by the audience.
David Massengill was in the room! He sang “Sightseer” with Lisl Russell, “Our Lady of Shinbone Alley” and “The Great American Dream”. Then it was one of Sussex’s finest, John de Little. He sang a-capella “Old Brown Hen” followed by “You Win Again” by Hank Williams and Chris Leslie’s “My Love Could Be Anywhere At All” accompanying himself on guitar. Tony joined him on stage to play harmonica to Doc Watson’s “Deep River Blues”. To finish the first half, Paul Taylor sang two of his own compositions; “Country Fair” and “Moments” and the classic “You’ve Got A Friend”.
After the break and raffle, ‘Bimbling‘ took to the stage. Sean & Hannah performed Kitty Macfarlane’s “Wrecking Days”, Ed Sheeran’s “Photograph” and Hannah’s “Fiddler’s Race”. Next was ‘No Leg To Stand On‘. This very talented foursome features John on banjo, Steve on Mandolin, Pete on guitar and Mike on lap style guitar. They performed the traditional “Jesse James”, Bill Monroe’s “Sitting Alone In The Midnight”, “I Ain’t Got No Home In This World Anymore” by Woody Guthrie, bluegrass standard “My Home Place” and another Bill Monroe classic, “My Sweet Blue Eyed Darling”.
Following the bluegrass boys was Rod Biggs. Rod organizes Ringwood Folk Club, the oldest folk club in the area. They meet on Tuesdays and have just moved venue to Burley Club, Pound Lane, Burley. He performed “Louis Collins (Angels Laid Him Away” by Mississippi John Hurt”, and a-capella sang the traditional “When The Old Dun Cow Caught Fire”. And last but not least, ‘Nomad‘ finished the evening for us in great style. Al & Heather played a couple of jigs, then performed “The Great Divide” by Kate Wolf and “Beggar Man/Red Head Boy”.
Phew! And… NEXT week (YES NEXT WEEK… 14th February) we have as our very special guest, David Massengill, with support from ‘Milton Hide‘ and one or two locals!


Our first meeting of 2018 exceeded all our expectations and hopefully will be a sign that musically at least 2018 will be even better than 2017 for LFAB.

Jonathan Klein was our MC for the evening, he sang two songs from his hero Greg Lake’s back catalogue; “C’est La Vie” and “Affairs of the Heart” and one of his own, fine compositions; “Babylon”. He then invited Henry Campion onto the stage. Henry sang James Taylor’s “Country Road”, and two by Mr Zimmerman; “One Too Many Morning’s” and “I Shall Be Released”.
Next up was Mike Cole and his accordion. He played “Salmon Tails/Dorset Four Hand Reel”, and sang two Elizabeth Cotten songs; “Oh Babe It Ain’t No Lie” and “Freight Train”. Then it was time for Rachel Cheyne to sing three of her songs; “The Song of the Snow White Heads”, “Climate Change” and “La Vie Est Belle”. To finish the first half, we welcomed newcomers to the club, from East Dorset – No Direction. A four piece harmony group, they sang; Neil Young’s “After The Goldrush”, Dylan’s “Make You Feel My Love”, the South African national anthem “Nkosi Sikelel’ iAfrica” and “Sunrise/Ramble in the New Mown Hay”, with much audience participation.
After the break and raffle, Bob Long took the the stage accompanied by Jan Anderson on her djembe. They performed Robert Johnson’s “Me And The Devil”, “Standing Around Crying” by Muddy Waters and “Love In Vain” by Robert Johnson. Then it was time for George Benn to sing three of his own songs; the first about the realities of living in California during the gold rush, one about a recent visit to the doctors, and one about reflecting on the past called “Time”.
Nomad were next on stage. Al & Heather played three songs very familiar in folk clubs over the years; “Arthur McBride”, “Nitrate Trade”, and “Rolling Home”. Jim Brown followed Al & Heather and sang “You Ain’t Going Nowhere” by ‘His Bobness’, the traditional “The Water Is Wide” and “Blues Stay Away From Me” by The Delmore Brothers. And finally, our very special surprise guest: the one, the only, David Massengill. On his Appalachian dulcimer he performed “Rider On An Orphan Train”, “Down In Washington Square”, based on lyrics by the late, great, Dave Van Ronk with whom David toured over many years, one of DVR’s songs, “Last Call”, which became the song Van Ronk would finish his concerts with, and, of course, an encore, “Contrary Mary”.
Wow! What a start to the year! Next time : Feb 7 – Open Floor, Feb 21 – Ladies Night Special.
p.s. LFAB in association with New Milton Memorial Centre present awarding winning country band Capricorn at the Memorial Centre on Saturday 13th January, tickets only £10!